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Modern Czech restaurant in the center of Prague
Call to Reserve: +420 222 881 212
Welcome to

The Artisan

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The Artisan is an all-day culinary journey fashioned around delicious local products bringing taste, style craft and joy.  


Like an artisan we select our farmers and producers with care within a 200km radius around Prague and we take pride in respecting the seasons. We cook with technique and dedication to ensure you discover original Czech flavours that take you on a delicious journey down the rivers, through forests, and across gardens & farms.


Push the Artisan door to share and explore. Discover our Theater Kitchen, where our culinary masters create a sumptuous taste of the Czech Republic.

  • Opening Time


  • The Artisan restaurant

    Mon - Su

    6.30am - 3pm


    Business Lunch

    Mon - Fri   12pm - 3pm


  • The Artisan Bar & Corner café

    Mon - Su

    7am - 12am


    Sunday Brunch

    Su:  from 12.30 pm


    Thursday dinner with live music

    Thu: from 6 pm

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About Us

The Artisan is a new Czech restaurant in the center of Prague where the food is honest and straightforward. Its understated menu and weekly specials, carefully prepared by Executive Chef David Rejhon and his team, celebrate the finest ingredients, most of which are locally sourced from within 200 km around Prague or grown on-property in our signature urban cultivator for sprouts and herbs. The choice of local farmers and raw ingredient suppliers emphasizes seasonality and quality.


"I choose our suppliers carefully, and I value long-term cooperation with people I know and trust. We are sourcing most of our raw materials from the local region, which guarantees their freshness, variety and, of course, environmental sustainability."

- David Rejhon, Executive Chef


Offering a top-quality authentic menu, relaxed atmosphere and engaging service, we are an ideal venue for business lunch, dinner date, family Sunday brunch as well as celebrating special occasions.

Executive Chef

David Rejhon does not like stereotypes and formulaic ways of thinking about food, and his varied gastronomic experience ranging from restaurants in New York, Saigon, Bangkok or Hong Kong to catering events at Moto Grand Prix is proof of that. At the same time, he is an enthusiastic lover of local Czech cuisine. The Artisan is a restaurant which allows him to transform traditional Czech cuisine into a modern, international and unforgettable experience. David is also passionate about using delicious local ingredients sourced from local suppliers, with whom he maintains very close relationships.

David Rejhon
Weekly offer
Business Lunch

Take a look at our weekly lunch offer, prepared by our chefs using only fresh ingredients.

Every weekday between 12pm and 3pm.

Join us for
Sunday Family Brunch

Crafted culinary afternoon for gourmets of all ages, every Sunday from 12.30pm to 3pm at The Artisan. Following a welcome drink, you will enjoy a number of courses served directly to your table, whether you come with your partner or whole family. Prepared on Josper grill, you will be served premium local beef and pork from Amaso butchery and freshwater fish from Kalendova Chabrybárna. You can also look forward to trying wide choice of appetizers, sushi and seafood as well as variety of homemade desserts. In addition to the delicious food, there is always live music, raflle with attractive prizes and individual entertainment for kids.


Price is 1 190 CZK per person, 1 385 CZK including alcoholic drinks. For children 7-12 years, the price is 595 CZK, children up to 6 years are free of charge.


To book your table, please call us at +420 222 881 212.

Culinary experience
Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a special gift for your loved ones or your business partners? Let them experience the culinary journey at The Artisan!


We offer vouchers for the Sunday Family Brunch or breakfast, as well as vouchers in the value of 500, 1 000 or 1 500 CZK. We are also happy to create a custom voucher meeting your specific preferences.


You can buy our vouchers easily online by following this link.


If you prefer to pick up a printed voucher or you have any questions, please call us at +420 222 881 212.

Home First Snippet
Thursday dinner with live music

Every Thursday evening you can taste the specialties of the restaurant's new evening concept. You can enjoy "live" cooking in an open "theater" kitchen, an interactive service, during which you will learn more about the individual dishes and ingredients that were use. Part of the Thursday evenings will also be an opportunity to see the kitchen and restaurant, which will be guided by our Chef David Rejhon.


You can look forward to musical performances throughout the whole evening.


Every Thursday from 6 PM. Table booking: +420 222 881 212

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